[The Adventurous Teacher] Episode 1 : The Journey

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It is said that every educational system has two goals: the 1st is to prepare students for life in their own country and the 2nd to prepare them to compete in the global market. One education initiative successfully tackling these goals and attracting superstar teachers from around the world is TALMA, a summer or year-long teaching fellowship that brings professional educators to low-income communities across Israel as volunteer English teachers. These social justice driven educators collaborate with local Hebrew and Arabic speaking co-teachers to explore out-of-the-box ways to get the spectrum of Israel’s population – from orthodox and secular Jewish communities to Bedouin, Muslim, Druze and Christian Arabs – excited about learning English. With all their expenses covered – from flight, to food and accommodation, even social and professional programming – these teachers leave the burdens of bills behind and refocus their energy on bringing the innovative spirit of the Startup Nation to the fight against educational inequity. Listen to the 1st episode as TALMA’s adventurous teachers share the challenges, funny moments, and friendships forged along their journey– plus, learn about upcoming opportunities for teachers interested in bringing their talents to Israel through TALMA!

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